• Merry Christmas
  • World CSR Congress presents BARKA with social innovation award
  • INISE representatives at the House of Lords
  • Discussion paper on the wider context of collaboration between communities in Africa
  • Barka Foundation for Mutual Help wins European Civic Award
  • BARKA’s encounters with Japanese architects to create projects of support to communities hit by tsunami
  • BNP Paribas Wealth Management Special Prize for Tomasz and Barbara Sadowski
  • INISE representatives participated in the meeting at the Embassy of Japan in London
  • Ola Ciurlik study trip to Ghana
  • Please see below: heartwarming pictures and info on social entrepreneurship in Kenya
  • Nelson Mandela has passed away
  • Conference: „Building Bridges for a United Global Community”
  • Report from the INISE meeting held in Poznan on the 26th November 2013
  • Listen to inspiring TED talk on how to build relations and entreprenership in Africa
  • Seminar: „Investing in Africa’s economy as a form of development cooperation”
  • What is „social market economy”? – interview with Tomasz Sadowski, Chairman of the Barka Foundation and INISE
  • Conference „Cooperatives and work integration of disadvantaged persons” in Brussles organised by CECOP CIOPA Europe
  • INISE GM Report
  • Seminar „International Network for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship”
  • Barka wins the EAPN Award
  • Wielkopolska Solidarity Economy Centre named after Cyryl Ratajski – report from the opening event
  • Barka Foundation in publication „Social Innovation – European Project”
  • INISE has been registered!
  • Training of professionals from African communities based in Europe in the Barka Network
  • 8th study visit of African Leaders to Barka Network in Poland
  • Meeting to report Barka’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia for the Barka Network in Poland
  • Barka meeting in the Polish Embassy in Addis Ababa
  • Meetings in Brussels
  • Social Integration Centre in Kenya
  • Intern from Uganda

Merry Christmas

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Dear Friends, In the magic time of Christmas let us not forget about those of us who experience suffering and struggle, those who are lonely, those searching for a helping hand, acceptance and love. IWEBIX Webdesign

World CSR Congress presents BARKA with social innovation award

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Tomasz Sadowski, chairman of Barka Foundation for Mutual Help in Poland has been invited to speak at the World CSR Congress in Mumbai in February 2015. Tomasz will be also presented with a recognition in the field of social innovations.

International Network for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship