Report “Human Enterprise Triumph – Barka Foundation”

We present a report “Human Enterprise Triumph – Barka Foundation” by Baiba Dhidha Mjidho, Kenya Community Association in Merseyside, UK. The report is a personal account and evaluation of the Barka programmes from the point of view of the African community, following the visit to Barka Centres in Poland and having read the book “New Beginning – Social Market Economy”. The author also talks about the prospects of replicating the Barka model in African countries.

Below is an email from the report’s author Baiba Dhidha Mijdho addressed to Ewa Sadowska:

Hi Ewa,
It was a privilege meeting and talking to you today. As promised I am forwarding my thoughts and understanding of Barka. Its contribution is phenomenal and inspiring.Our aims and aspirations have common areas of synergy with Barka and I look forward to further interaction with you especially with the project I am trying to bring into being putting onto the market place the wealth of knowledge residing within the African community in Merseyside. I trust my humble understanding captures the true and inspiring spirit of Barka.
Baiba Dhidha Mjidho
Chariman of Kenya Community Association
Please see the report attached 


Human Enterprise Triumph – Barka Foundation

Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK, reading the first draft of Baiba Dhidha Mjidho’s report on Barka Foundation


The first draft of Baiba Dhidha Mjidho’s Report on Barka Foundation

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