Barka and Chara Trust at the Wielkopolska Forum of Development Cooperation

Barka and Chara Trust at the Wielkopolska Forum of Development Cooperation 20-21 October 2011

Mr Godwin Bateren, Chief Executive Officer of the Chara Trust in Merseyside, UK is today and tomorrow visiting Barka in Poznan, Poland. The purpose of Mr Godwin’s trip to Poland this time is to attend the Wielkopolska Forum of Developmental Cooperation organised by the MEP from Wielkopolska – Mr Filip Kaczmarek. The aim of the seminar is to summarise and further develop the current development policy implemented by Europe towards the developing countries.

Tomasz Sadowski chairman of Barka Foundation and Mr Godwin Bateren will present to the Forum the current stage of activities undertaken by Barka and Chara Trust aiming at establishing Europe-Africa Network for Social Enterprise.
Mr Kaczmarek has been a member of the Development Commission in the European Parliament and for many years now has been involved with developmental projects mainly in Africa. At the event, the Chara Trust film was presented on the study visits of African organizations to Barka Poland.

Please see the documents of the Forum

Godwin Bateren of Chara Trust speaking with media at the Wielkopolska Forum for Development Cooperation


Tomasz Sadowski, Barka Foundation’s founder with Godwin Bateren, Chara Trust and Dominik Gorny, Street Magazine representative

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