Meetings in Brussels

 On the 28th and 29th of February, the representatives of Barka Foundation for Mutual Help, Poland, together with its British partner organizations fostering the development of the social economy, participated in a two-dayseries of meetings in Brussels.

The main subject of the meetings was the Barka Foundation’s newproject – ‘The Wielkopolska Region’s social economy supports the development ofthe African regions’, which in recent days, has inspired the establishment ofthe first Social Integration Centre in Kenya by Kenya Community Association. TomaszSadowski and the chief executive of Barka UK Ewa Sadowska took part in themeetings, which prelude the creation of the international Barka Network for Social Economy, with the office in Brussels.

The visit began with a meeting at the EuropeanCommission’s General Directorship for Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid)on funding possibilities for African projects by the European Development Fundand from the European Union’s budget.

The representatives of Barka and itsBritish partners also introduced their latest project to the former President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek. Thedelegation also attended the meeting on the development of the social economyin Africa, hosted by Filip Kaczmarek, a Member of the European Parliament,the Coordinator of EPP Group in the Committee on Development. The representatives of the WielkopolskaRegion, Tomasz and Ewa Sadowscy and their British partners, attended a meetingwith the representatives of the Belgium organization providing administrativeand financial assistance to the international networks responsible for theimplementation of the European Union’s project. In the future, Barka Network inBrussels will unite local governments which have been cooperating with Barkafor many years, and the organizations from Great Britain, Germany, Holland and Kenia.

Moreover, Barka’s delegation took part in the meeting with theEuropean Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy REVES, and wasofficially accepted as a member of the REVES network.

In the last part of Barka’s visit in Brussels, its representativestook part in a meeting with Vice-President of Group III at the EuropeanEconomic and social Committee Luca Jahier, the author of Opinion of theEuropean Economic and Social Committee on “What role and perspectives forAfrica’s social economy in development cooperation?” which is particularlyinteresting in the context of Barka’s new project.

The Barka delegation also met with the representatives of the Europeancommission’s General Directorship for Employment and Social Affairs who wereresponsible for the implementation of the Equal program in Poland. The meetingsconcerned were crucial for the implementation of the planned Barka Foundation pilot project ‘European Equalfor Africa’ .



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