8th study visit of African Leaders to Barka Network in Poland

The group visited Barka Network’s social enterprises and local partnerships.

Especially fruitful were the meetings with local authorities and civil society organisations representing local partnerships for social economy. The group met with, among others, the major of the town of Lwowek as well as the major of Kwilcz commune and visited a number of social integration centres and community homes for people in life difficulties run by self-help groups of former homeless people. Discussed was the emerging INISE network and the EQUAL of Europe with Africa project.

See the programme and the photos from the visit:

Visit to Social Integration centre and public liability company in Kwilcz commune


Visit to Social Integration Centre in Gebiczyn


Meeting with Tomasz Sadowski, the founder of Barka Foundation


Meeting with the mayor of Kwilcz


Meeting with the Mayor of Czarnkow and the director of local Welfare Centre


Art projects of the Social Integration Centre

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