Training of professionals from African communities based in Europe in the Barka Network

 Barka UK and Barka IE received grants from the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility 2012 project to organize two-weeks training for professional from the UK and Ireland. Over the last three months (from July to September) 21 people took part in the trainings in Barka’s Network in Poland. The participants include representatives of African Associations based in Europe: Kenya Community Association, Merseyside Association of Ghanians, Nkeme Foundation (Cameroon) and Congolese Association to name a few.

The trainings are organized for the representatives of local governments and civic society organizations. During the trainings the participants have the opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge of social economy market.

The mains benefits of going through the trainings are:

Recognizing and development of the potentials of individuals who were formerly perceived as ballast or burden for the local community and now have become the capital of the local communities and are included in the support for others in need, and in rendering services to the benefit of the local community How to work with a broad variety of partners in communes all over the country in order to bring about the development and inclusion of those, who are socially excluded persons and the action of local communities Revitalization of neglected and bankrupt buildings, warehouses, workshops and adaptation of them for socially active places Forming of social cooperatives, as self-employment companies preparing people to generate their income, become consumers and contribute to general economic growth in local communities Involvement in the progress of bio variety in former state owned farms, transformed into ecological farms.

The visit will enable the participants to observe how Barka Foundation Poland works with beneficiaries (vulnerable economic migrants) on their return from Western Europe. It will also permit to explore a different model for assisting with the recovery and inclusion of individuals in trouble and to see whether and how this might fit with what is currently taking place in Western Europe.

Those models could also be applicable in the African context.

Over 40 participants in total will complete the two-week training in Barka Poland within the Leonardo Mobility programme. We warmly invite you to register for the next 4 training which will take place from May to September 2013.

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