Seminar: „Investing in Africa’s economy as a form of development cooperation”

The seminar has been organized within the Wielkopolska Forum for Development Cooperation initiated  by Filip Kaczmarek, MEP who for many years has been working in the Development Committee of the European Parliament.

III Wielkopolska Forum for Development Cooperation in Poznan, Poland hosted a seminar  „Investing in economy as a form of development cooperation”, held at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University.

The discussion focused on issues connected mainly with development policy implemented by the European Union and the developing countries. Journalist of the Street Magazine (Gazeta Uliczna) was particularly interested in the aspects regarding investments in the economy of Africa as a form of development cooperation. The discussion’s contributors were: Dr. Barbara Chamot – director of the Polish Agency for Economic Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Jaroslaw Lazurko – Chairman of the Board – Director General H. Cegielski Poznan SA, professor Jean Bernard Diatta – Senegal-born scholar representing University of Life Sciences in Poznan.

Distinguished speakers discussed the importance of continuing to transform society’s mentality and shift it from the notion of offering humanitarian assistance „for” Africa towards the idea of cooperation and working „with” Africa. Although as professor said both was needed. It would be helpful if countries gave aid in a form of writting off Africa’s debt that was created in the 70ties. Mr Lazurko was talking about the advanntages for making business in Africa. He said that Poland has been well perceived in the African continent as Poland was never a coloniser and the African business community trusts Polish entrepreneurs easier. Jerzy Mankowski, member of the Board of INISE, shared his experiences of living and working in Africa for 22 years and establishing a family there. Tomasz Sadowski, chairman of Barka Foundation and INISE, talked about the importance of human capital and working in African local communities to create work places in social enterprises.

Tomasz invited everybody to a seminar on social economy in Africa organized by the Barka Foundation within the Wielkopolska Forum on Development Cooperation. The seminar will take place on Tuesday the 26th of November in Barka Centre in Poznan, St. Wincent 6.

Professor Diatta spoke about demography of the African continent. He said that 50% of the continent’s population is below 20 years of age. This group of young people are consuming and not yet contributing to the continent’s growth. „We need to invest in youth” – said professor Diatta. „Poland educated hundreds of Africans and this is an investment that will pay off” – he added.

Poznań, 22nd November 2013
Venue: Faculty of Political Science of Adam Mickiewicz University, ul Umultowska 98A
Text and photos: A. Górczyński of the Street Paper Magazine (Gazeta Uliczna)



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