Dr Filip Kaczmarek, MEP meets with INISE delegation in Poznan

MEP Filip Kaczmarek met the representatives of the INISE organization who had just come back from a conference organised Ethiopia.

The Addis Ababa Summit on Cross Continental Cooperation ‚The Future of the Millennium Development Goals in the African Union’ organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) from Berlin, took place between the 27^th and 30^th of January. Important public life figures and intellectuals from all over Africa took part in this event concerning cultural diplomacy actions of social and public partners in Africa. Delegation of INISE (Baiba Dhidha Mjidho, Magdalena Chwars’cianek and Ewa Sadowska) also took part in this conference.

On Saturday the 1-st of February Filip Kaczmarek met the representatives of INISE and the workers of Barka who work on the Europe-Africa partnership.

INISE — International Network for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship brings together the Barka Foundation for Mutual Help and the African organizations from Great Britain, such as Chara Trust. The experience and vision for assistance in Africa presented by INISE made a big impression on the participants of the conference.

A great part of the report from the conference was presented by Baiba Dhidha Mjidho, who stressed that the speakers had presented solid facts, avoiding nationalistic notions. He noticed that Millennium Development Goals assumes development of all the African countries, not leaving any of them behind — however, there are countries that achieved a lot, but there are also ones that achieved less. There are tensions regarding introducing programmes without having consulted them with the local community. On top of that, one should listen more before suggesting something and it is worth remembering that the European point of view is often very different from the African one. It was also discussed during the Addis Ababa conference that the governence in Africa is of poor quality in general, and perhaps the grass roots initiatives could bring some changes, however these are not very common.

During the meeting, MP Kaczmarek spoke about the plans of the European Parliament for this year regarding cooperation with Africa, including Africa Business Summit planned for the 1-st of April in Brussels. He mentioned his visit at the UN in September and informed about the preparations for the Autumn Summit of the UN that will start the official talks about the continuation of the MDGs after 2015. He stressed that in all the future agendas the stress will be placed on Human Development Index and the idea of inclusion on different levels, more importantly than Economic Growth. Ethiopia is an example of a country where despite the economic growth is higher than in Poland, its citizens do not feel that their living conditions are improving. It is planned that more funds will be given for sectional, pan-african projects after 2014.

Note prepared by the Office of MEP Filip Kaczmarek

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