Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK invited by Chara Trust

Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK invited by Chara Trust to attend a Training Event for the African community in Liverpool on “Leadership, Involvement and Influencing Change” and speak about “the role of women in the development of Barka ethos”.

See below the notes from the organisers:

Dear Ewa,
I am writing to say a very sincere Thank You for visiting the North West of England and for spending time with our Women’s Training Event on “Leadership,
Involvement and Influencing Change”. Your fellowship and testimony has left a very big impact in the hearts of the women who had the privilege to meet with you and I trust that this weekend will mark a positive and significant touch in the lives of all of us.
Attached are some photographs taken during your time with us. I will try to produce more and email them to you during the week. I also promise to send you the information about Baiba as promised.
God bless you and I look forward to following up on our conversation about Wycliffe, Ricky and Irene in Uganda.
Best wishes.
Godwin Bateran
Project Manager
Chara Trust
Dear Godwin & Mathiew,
I wish to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for your kindness of bringing me back home.
The evening has been inspiring and motivating. The testimony of Ewa Sadowska had many positive elements and to some extent puts into question the extreme protection measure on children some of which retard their character development as they do not experience the realities of life that would eventually shape and determine choices.
With kind regards
Baiba Dhidha Mjidho
Kenya Community Association


Women Leadership Programme, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


Manda Ncube and Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK


Mr Godwin Bateren, Chara Trust and Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK



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