Calendar of events

Calendar of events

February 2011 – visit of Andy Churchill and Godwin Bateren of Chara Trust from Merseyside, UK to Barka Network’s social and vocational reintegration projects in Poland .

Visit of African organisations from the UK to Barka Poland in Feb 2011

April 2011 – Visit of Godwin Bateren of Chara Trust to Barka UK’s Social Economy Centre for migrants in London

11-12 April 2011 – Ewa Sadowska, Barka UK invited by Chara Trust to attend Training Event for the African community in Liverpool on “Leadership, Involvement and Influencing Change” and speak about “the role of women in the development of Barka ethos”.  Read more

May 2011 – Study visit of leaders of African organizations from the UK to Barka Network’s reintegration projects in Poland

Study visit of African Leaders In Barka Network, Poland – May 2011

12 June 2011 – Baiba Dhidha Mjidho of Kenya Community Association introduces a report “Human Enterprise Triumph – Barka Foundation” . The report is a personal account and evaluation of the Barka programmes from the point of view of the African community. The author talks about the prospects of replicating the Barka model in African countries. Read more

30 July 2011– Barka Burkina Faso: Barka UK in London has been visited by the founders of Barka Foundation in Burkina Faso, which implements humanitarian relief schemes in Burkina Faso. Read more

15 August 2011 – Barka UK hosts Godwin Bateren of Chara Trust to discuss the series of study visits of African organizations to Barka Network in Poland.

6 – 11 September 2011 visit of leaders of African organizations in Liverpool, UK to Barka Network in Poland. Read more

3 October 2011 – The Chara Trust and African leaders in Merseyside create a film on the study visits of African organizations to Barka Poland and the prospects for the future joint work in Europe and in Africa. Read more

20-21 October 2011 : Barka and Chara Trust invited to Wielkopolska Forum of Development Cooperation by the Rt. Hon MEP Filip Kaczmarek to speak about the join work to support African citizens. At the Forum the video film was presented on the visits of the African organizations to Barka Poland. Read more

13 – 16 December 2011 – Barka UK hosts intern from Uganda: Irene Apio from Uganda, a Director of “One Child – One Book” project in Kampala learns about projects of support to A10 nationals run by Barka in various London boroughs.

21 November – 23 December 2011  –  a group of African Leaders from Uganda and Kenya visit Barka projects in London and Poland. Read more

9 February 2012 – Kenya Community Association sets up a Social Integration Centre in Kenya inspired by the Barka model. Read more

28-29 February 2012 –Barka & African Leaders from UK meet with EU Institutions: the meetings with President of European Parliament, European Commission and European Economic and Social Committee representatives have taken place to foster the development of the EQUAL project based on the social economy in Africa. Read more

28 April – 16 May 2012– Study visit to Kenya and Ethiopia: Barka delegation participates in the study visit to Kenya and Ethiopia by the invitation of Kenya Community Association and Mekelle University in Tigray, Ethiopia. The visit creates foundations for the “EQUAL of Europe with Africa” project within INISE Network. Read more

18 May 2012 – Meeting to report Barka’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia for the Barka Network in Poland. Read more

26 May 2012 – Meeting to summarize Barka’s trip to Africa for African organizations in Liverpool, UK. The Merseyside Association of Ghanaians and African groups in Merseyside host an event in Liverpool, UK to update the African community in North-West England on the outcomes of the study visit of Barka to Kenya and Ethiopia (28/04 – 16/05/2012) and the recent developments of the “EQUAL of Europe with Africa” project. Read more

June 2012 – INISE is coming to life: INISE (International Network of Innovative Social Entrepreneurship) has been under the process of registration. It will be registered as an international association according to the Belgian law. The registration documents and the Statutes have been submitted to the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Read more

12-16 June 2012 – 8th study visit of African Leaders to Barka Network in Poland: The group visited Barka Network’s social enterprises and local partnerships. Especially fruitful were the meetings with local authorities and civil society organizations representing local partnerships for social economy. Read more

23 June 2012– Creation of the North-West Forum for African Communities: BME communities in North-West England have decided to create a platform for exchange and integration. The Forum is a platform for helping groups and organizations in Merseyside, who are interested to work within INISE, to strengthen their understanding of INISE and the „EQUAL of Europe with Africa” project and prepare them to be active within this innovative venture. Read more

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